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Hello we're Multiply, an integrated creative agency.

Our formula is simple

We’re experts in helping brands talk to consumers - using sampling...

Driving sampling through digital and physical couponing

Direct mail sampling

Trade sampling

Experiential sampling

And we've worked with some
really interesting brands...

Sent out 750k sample packs in partnership with Bounty for Dettol.
Recorded digital coupon print of 19.6k with redemption of 49% in store for a potty training nappy brand.
Little Tikes, Tikes Town, 704k OTS. 6.2k vouchers distributed. 9.5k kids played in Tikes Town.
Smashed 3% industry benchmarks and achieved 29% redemption rates on a baby product couponing campaign.
Reached 22 million consumers through an integrated campaign for Highland Park single malt whisky.

Be it direct mail, couponing, in-store sampling or a large scale experiential sampling campaign, our business is to understand your target audience, how to reach them and influence their buying behaviour.

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