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Meet our new Head of Creative: Jennifer Bailey
Jack Power


Jennifer Bailey joins Multiply as our all new and richly indulgent Head of Creative. She brings with her a wealth of experience drawn from hugely creative times at Rapp, Family Creative and The Union. A natural leader and provocateur, she’s bringing new skills and a fresh perspective to Multiply’s creative offering. Coincidentally, she doesn’t drink Baileys and is more at home with a nip and a pint. Mark Fowlestone, Partner at Multiply said, “I’m really pleased Jennifer has come to join us, she’s such a whirlwind and already a breath of fresh air”.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I am a 30 something Glaswegian, that converted to the capital some 10 years ago. Edinburgh has been my awakening, it’s such a vibrant place to live and work with an inescapable art scene that draws you in. 
I am a lover of life, and care for a huge range of life’s nuances from gardening to sci-fi movie marathons. I love a good conversation with interesting folk, and have been fortunate to travel to 4 continents and meet lots of great people. More recently I can be found in either a coffee shop or in my kitchen under a plume of flour. 

Did you always want to work in marketing? What other jobs have you had throughout the years?

After helping to clear my parents’ loft recently it would appear from old school jotters that I was always destined for a creative career – I couldn’t spell for toffee. 

What has been your favourite piece of work to work on in the past?

I am fortunate to have lots of fond work memories. A highlight would be producing a campaign that involved 1 model and 12 costume changes, a fantastic photographer, 1 whippet and lots of painkillers. 

If you could work on any brand what would it be?

Something or someone who believes in social good and is trying to make a change. Take a look at the recent protest placards by the people, some of the best copywriting I’ve seen in ages. I’d work for the people.

If you could give some advice to anyone starting in this industry what would it be?

Ask more questions of everything and everyone. It’s on you to dig a bit deeper into brands, customers and insights, don’t just read the brief and turn on your mac. 

What’s your mantra?

You don’t ask you don’t get. 

What 3 words describe you?

Gin and hats.   

What do you like to do outside of work?

As with work I enjoy being busy and having an interest in lots of different things as appose to one dedicated hobby. I grow my own veg, can play a decent round of golf, can run a fair distance, throw a good dinner party and appreciate a fine wine and good company.    

Who would be at your dinner party past or present?

Lauren Bacall – for the sass.
The Rock – for the eye candy. Yes, that big dude.
Rachel Khoo – the celebrity chef; we are practically friends now anyway after she retweeted me twice. 
Alison Krauss - for the voice 
David Attenborough – for the stories

Tell us a joke?

I bought a new hoover six months ago, and so far all it's been doing is gathering dust.

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