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Cancer Innovation Challenge

Challenging Cancer with Innovation


Information. It's a very powerful tool, and especially rewarding when used for good. That's why we were so excited when the pioneering people at The Data Lab approached us about their latest initiative - The Cancer Innovation Challenge.

A collaboration between universities, businesses and researchers, the goal was to advance cancer data science, support development of new tools and help Scotland become a world leader in cancer care.

No small feat! Not to mention, one with a tight budget and tight turnaround. We were tasked with planning, building and launching a website… in four weeks. It had to be:

"Easy to use, customisable and collaboration-friendly"

We chose Drupal for the content management system, adding a Multiply-made theme that answered all our client’s needs, from streamlined content creation to oversight and coordination tools.   

What we did

From start to finish, we harnessed the power of teamwork. This let us develop a confident, colourful site that clearly represented our partners and efficiently handled all required functions, from funding applications to content creation. 

The Finale

Since launch, the Cancer Innovation Challenge website has become a vital hub that houses all sorts of project-related information, and also given data scientists a platform to apply for research funding. After going live, the site attracted over 4000 visits in 2 months and attracted a grand total of 33 funding bids. It also put cancer research in the digital spotlight by reaching the top spot in Google UK searches, and boasts a 30% clickthrough rate for all relevant search terms.  

Thank you so much! The website looks great and we’ve had very positive feedback.
Steph Wright - Project Development Manager


4,000 visits in 2 months after launch
33 Funding Applications
#1 Google UK result for “Cancer Innovation Challenge”

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