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Refine Plastic Surgeons

Redefining plastic surgery


A rare few might see themselves as perfect. Most of us, however, have our weaknesses – parts of our body we’re not so happy about. That make us feel self-conscious. That we have dreamt about changing and – even if for a moment – thought about getting some “work” done on. 

However, it’s also a delicate subject, one which requires finesse when informing potential patients and encouraging them to make a change that will transform their lives. That’s why we were excited when a group of renowned plastic and aesthetic surgeons gave us the opportunity to work with them on redesigning their branding and website. 

To help them grow their share of the private patient market and set themselves apart from the competition, we gathered insights by reviewing competitor brands and interviewing previous patients. Our key finding was this:

"Who their surgeon is, and how they'll be treated are key factors for patients."

Having identified this driving insight, we honed in on a proposition that would address potential patients’ needs by focusing on the human side of the offering, and the skills of the people that make their wishes a reality.

Work in Progress

We transformed the brand’s identity by creating a new brand and website, and showed its new face to the world via an integrated press and digital marketing campaign.

Refine Surgeons

The Finale

Since the launch of the new branding, website and marketing campaign, Refine Plastic Surgeons have experienced a major uplift in brand awareness, which has been reflected in a greater numbers of calls, consultations and treatments booked. Here’s what happened in the four months following the website’s launch:

  • Website visits doubled
  • More than 100 website enquiries were made
  • Overall treatment enquiries tripled

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