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Caledonia Ales

Giving Caledonia Ales a Proper Welcome


Draught beer is the mainstay of many bars and pubs, the mainstream option that’s an easy go to for many. It’s also a category in decline. Drinkers have become more adventurous, and thanks to the boom in craft and specialty beer, there’s no shortage of new tastes to explore. You’ll see from a walk down the beer aisle that it has expanded dramatically too. The research revealed a potentially lucrative silver lining:

“Draught beer is on the decline, but premium packaged beer is on the rise – with demand for bottled ales up by 92%.” (on trade)

As the leading brewers of beer in Scotland, with centuries of knowledge and expertise under their belt, Tennent’s capitalised on this by brewing up Caledonia Ales, a range of premium and truly Scottish ales.

We were tasked with creating a number of materials to reflect the premium quality of the products and support the launch within the on trade and off trade. To create stand-out, we took a step away from the world of beer and into the very Scottish world of whisky.

“We drew inspiration from the ornate label designs and the premium look of whisky point of sale.”

Since there were three beers in the range, we crafted both a core kit for outlets stocking a single product, and a flagship kit for outlets showcasing the full range. 


Translating the brand’s presence – both in terms of messaging and visuals – to each aspect of the bar and supermarket experience is key to success. We took on this role and, in addition to designing the assets, helped produce them and send them out to 250 bars across Scotland. We also sampled the range in 30 Tesco stores to coincide with the launch. 

The Finale

Both the beers, and the stylish point of sale that accompanied them, have been well received by the trade. The effective designs have helped position Caledonia Ales as a contemporary yet classic choice for a new generation of drinkers. 


Sampling in the Off Trade


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