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Mind's Eye

Uncover Consumer Insights In Real Time


Uncover insights in real time

In today's ever-evolving brand world, historic data and past insights are not enough.  Neither is being vague or general about who you’re talking to. That's why we developed Mind's Eye, to give you relevant insights gathered from specifically targeted audience in real time – and not 6 months ago. Developed by our Insight & Innovation Team, this is a unique, robust and agile consumer insight tool that delivers rapid consumer research and insights to get your business ahead in a fast-paced world.

Why Mind's Eye?

500,000 UK consumers

500,000 UK consumers

Mind’s Eye boasts the largest sample population of any UK comparative research medium. Our respondents come from all corners of the nation. That includes 20,000 from Scotland, a normally underserved region.

Whether you need to cast a wide net or target a highly specific audience, we will provide you a significant sample size and a rich source of information.

Speaking of wide nets, we also have access to an international consumer audience, to the tune of 136 countries!

Insights in 48 hours

Insights in 48 hours

Mind's Eye does not rely on past information or make assumptions based on existing insights.

Its access to real consumers in real time means it can uncover relevant insights for right now.

And since it delivers these insights at lightning speed, in 48 hours, you can put them to work while they’re still hot.

Real time insights, real world context

Real time insights, real world context

Mind’s Eye insights and its accompanying creative platforms can be delivered within as little as one week from first consultation with our team.

These outputs are further enhanced through our social listening algorithm, which brings an additional layer of richness to insight and ideas.

How WeDo It

Mind’s Eye is powered by a rigorous and academically proven research methodology that provides a deep and rich understanding of consumer behaviour along the consumer journey. The overarching process from research initiation to completion can be described in a three-step process:

Meet the Team

So why are real-time insights important?

To create impact in today’s ever evolving brandscape, colourful and rich insights are needed to bring research truly alive, ultimately providing inspiration and creative springboards to engage your target audiences in the here and now.

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