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‘Belter!’ That’s Scotland’s favourite phrase to shout out in response to good news and great surprises. And Scotland’s favourite lager was ready to give them more reason to use it. How, you ask? Through good old gifts and giveaways, of course – but with a twist. It all started with this insight: 

“There’s a need for something to get people interested in the licensed trade when business is slow, and to boost sales”

A non-time sensitive rate of sale kit, one that outlets could pull out whenever they needed was just the answer to this problem. To be effective, we knew the promotion had to be super simple and super fast, rewarding punters right on the spot. We also knew we didn’t need grand prizes to make it a success.

“Using a larger amount of smaller gifts, we could make a lot more customers happy."

The promotion also needed a catchy headline. We thought, what better name than for a competition that dished out so much good stuff than a simple “Belter”?

What we Did

Our task was both creative and technical, on the one hand working on the promotion’s instant win mechanic and on the other, designing the various design elements that would go up in bar.

The Finale

The Belter Campaign was popular among customers and publicans alike, boosting sales and giving Tennent’s a good name. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the thrill of winning – no matter how small the prize – adding excitement to the bar experience. 

Belter worked for us and our punters helping our sales and rewarding our customers with prizes.

Star Bar, Edinburgh

This activation has really set our brand apart this year – having support that can be drawn from when required is something the sales team really value. We get a lot of feedback from the trade about how much drinkers love even the smallest of prizes. The range of prizes, along with the simplicity of it, has meant almost 100% positive feedback.

Fi Leonard, Customer Marketing Mana

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