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What goes into creating a brand success story?



There's no magic in building a brand led campaign. Well, a little. But mostly it’s about pulling together all the insight driven elements of the product or service in one place. Our process helps navigate the chaotic landscape to find precise solutions that work for you. And that magic ingredient? It’s just letting our creativity loose.

Interested? Here’s brand marketing done the Multiply way:



Spontaneity leads to wonderful things when used at the right time. The beginning, however, is not one of those times. It’s a time for due diligence, for understanding the brandscape and laying groundwork that can fuel quick creativity down the line. We examine the world around your brand – the competition, the trends, the innovations, the successes and the failures – to see where your offering fits in.

We put users and consumers under the microscope. Our bespoke Mind’s Eye tool lets us gather brand-specific insights from audiences you want to reach in real time. Other sources like TGI and Google Analytics round out our research. Getting a glimpse into the minds of your consumers makes it easier for us to motivate, excite and, ultimately, get them to choose your brand. We then  pan through our findings to strike gold with a brand new insight. That means sometimes challenging “the way things are” to find the actual truth. The key is finding unique truths whose potential has yet to be tapped, whether it’s in a cultural trend, a buying behaviour or an age-old adage. 



A small kernel of insight will turn into a big idea – if nourished and handled properly. It’s now that we can finally let our creative minds take centre stage. First we absorb inspiration from the world around us. Then we collaborate to create and come up with ideas that build on the initial insight. Add some old-fashioned hard work to the mix and the result is rich creative platforms that inspire audiences and deliver results for you.

While developing the platform, we also start thinking about how the messaging would work, and how it might look in real world contexts. It’s also our way of putting the platforms to the test. A golden idea just excites us and sparks a stream of ideas. If we can’t wait to get on to producing creative work, we know we’re ready


Buts what’s a great idea if no one sees it? This step see us bringing our brand thinking to life. Before rushing off to create finalised work, however, we decide where in the wide world your campaign belongs. That lets us determine the shape of the work that will work best for you.  That might mean a sales promotion, a big consumer event, digital solutions, PR, a wide scoped multi-channel strategy…the options are almost endless.

Then our talented team of designers, writers, illustrators (and more) turn ideas on paper into creative executions and activations. Not only do they make sure things look great, but also that it clearly reflects what your brand is all about and what you’re communicating with your campaign.


The thinking doesn’t stop when the campaign goes live. At this stage we keep our eyes on how it’s performing and feedback learnings. If necessary we make a tweak here, the odd adjustment there – all to improve performance and enhance effectiveness. And when the dust has settled, we check how’s its gone against the KPIs; be they sales, clicks, behavioural change or shifts in attitude and package them up so everyone learns and improves. 

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