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What we can do for you


The complete brand toolkit

A lot goes into creating a brand success story. That means a wide variety of skillsets and mindsets. We’re one big brand band whose members include marketing specialists, insight finders, forward thinkers and talented creatives. And we all play our part in coming up with the right solution. 

Whether we’re working on a solo project for you, or a whole symphony of services, what we do can be broken down into the following offerings:

Brand Creation

You know how to create a great product or service; that’s the easy part. But taking it to market and turning it into a successful brand is a whole other challenge. It’s also one we understand very well, and something we’ve got years of experience and expertise in. We’ve even created some new products in-house, just to see how the process works from your point of view. That means we know what kind of hurdles and pitfalls you face on a daily basis. 

How we create a success story

Our brand creation services start from day one. We help you define the product itself and put the final touches on it to make it market-ready. Then it’s on to giving it a name, a personality, and a clear proposition that will resonate with shoppers and consumers. And since we believe in showing you results, we’ll visualise the brand new identity for you and use our Mind’s Eye tool to get real-time reactions from your target audiences.

We offer:

  • Strategic planning
  • Multiplan insight and planning tool
  • ROI forecasting
  • Retail consulting
  • Creative planning

Brand Comms

So you have the right brand message. But what’s the right way to say it? Where's the right place, what’s the right time? We create in-depth strategies that answer all of those crucial questions. Then we turn them into exciting executions that make a great first impression and make an impact.

Sending the right signals

Understanding who you’re talking to, and knowing what reactions you want from them is the key to getting brand communications right. We use your business objectives and our consumer insights and research to tailor solutions to your needs. 

We offer:

  • Prototype development
  • Interactive store design
  • VR store displays


Brand Experience

One brief experience can last a lifetime. A great memory with your brand can have a huge impact on consumers’ opinion of you. And more importantly, the emotions attached to this experience can catalyse consideration and future purchase. The great news is this experience doesn’t necessarily need to be an extravagant event. A small surprise that disrupts someone’s day in a fun way works just as well. 

The Multiply brand experience 

First we analyse your brand and what you want to accomplish. Then we scout the possibilities to find a perfect match. That might be a concert, a party, a pop-up or one of a thousand other things. No matter what form the experience takes, we tie it in tightly with your brand message. We can handle all aspects of organising and running the experience, and find the right partners to work with. And it’s not just about creating buzz and having fun. We make sure to collect consumer feedback and measure your return on investment.  

We offer:

  • Digital design
  • In-store displays
  • Artworking
  • Content creation
  • In-store brand videos

Brand Promotion

Promotional strategy is a powerful tool that should be part of any brand’s marketing arsenal. When done right, it can really propel your brand forward, setting it apart in a crowded retail environment. It can give you more visibility at all-crucial sales occasions and encourage retailers to display you more prominently. Of course, the key is to come up with something that adds value to the consumer’s experience. 

Promoting your brand

Our campaigns and solutions might be fun, functional, or a combination of the two, but they all serve a single, simple purpose – to engage people with the brand, to get them interested, and to build loyalty. And we believe in doing so without compromising on profit margins or brand values. Put short, we’re only into win/win scenarios.  

We offer:

  • POS tactical kits
  • Shopper guidelines
  • Workshops with 3rd parties
  • Partnership marketing

Brand Development

Society never stops evolving. So why should brands? It’s good to review your brand from time to time and re-evaluate where it’s at. We work together with you to map out the best possible future for your brand. 

How we do it

We use our consumer and trade insights, and everything else we know about the current market conditions, to determine what’s best for your brand. Our recommended plan of action will always focus on getting you ahead of the curve, but also on how to keep long-term costs to a minimum. We also make sure that all changes align with what your brand stands for.  


Brand Management & Strategy

A brand is a lot more than just a logo. It’s a complex web of relationships between brands, consumers and many other parts and partners. It’s also the people that live the brand day in day out, from senior managers to office interns, whose role in creating company culture and influencing perceptions is all too often overlooked. So when we talk about brand marketing solutions, we don’t just mean campaigns or creating identities. We mean understanding your ecosystem – inside and outside – and doing everything necessary to sustain your brand’s success.

How we do it

We manage user and consumer relationships, especially around campaign launches, and provide you with feedback to fuel future decisions. We’re big believers in “the more the merrier”, and work effectively with your other partners. We regularly organise and attend cross-agency workshops that centre around finding the best actions for your brand. Finally, we help you create a company culture that reflects what you do and what you stand for – and one that motivates your employees to live on brand.

Employer Brand

For us, brands are all about people. And every single person in a brand’s ecosystem, from business insider to casual observer, has an impact on what it’s saying. With so many moving parts, it’s essential to create one seamless experience, one unified message.

However, what tends to get overlooked is the role that senior managers (and employees at large) play in defining and developing the brand – whether they’re aware of it or not. How these stakeholders choose to embody the brand can really influence perceptions of a brand, for good... and bad.

It’s surprising how many companies couple superb product and positioning with incompatible cultures. We believe that’s often the only thing standing in the way of them going from great to next level.

Employer brand for us is not just “living the brand”; it’s more about “living it on brand”. And we have lots of experience helping organisations live to the beat of the brand.

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