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Shopper Marketing Services

What we can do for you.


Science + skills = sales

Our work begins long before the shopper journeys down the aisle. It’s where we flex our analytical, quantitative muscles to give you the numbers, insights and facts necessary.

The more qualitative side of our offering is the visualising, designing and delivery of creative shopper campaigns that make an impact. We can cover the whole journey for you, or tactically tackle certain touch points and stages that you need help with. 

Strategic Planning

Success needs a good plan. Especially when you're tailoring campaigns to several different retailers and activating campaigns simultaneously. Equipped with a team of shopping specialists and our Multiplan and Multipoint tools, we create detailed strategies that cover all touch points and phases of the shopper journey to hit your goals.

How we map out shopper strategy

We research retail partners, both existing and potential, to uncover key insights. We locate your category barriers and tell you how to hurdle them. Then we investigate how we might combine them with buyer targets to turn them into strengths. It’s then a matter of providing shopper journey analysis to tell you where and when to activate for the best results. 

We act as a bridge between you and your retail partners, giving you guidance about key touch points, channels and specific recommendations.  It’s never too early to think about the actual solutions, so we add creative planning and direction to our strategy services. ROI forecasting lets us give you a measurable benchmark to see how your campaign is doing. And throughout, we’ll be keeping a diligent eye on anything we might do to squeeze out even more efficiency. 

We offer:

  • Strategic planning
  • Multiplan insight and planning tool
  • ROI forecasting
  • Retail consulting
  • Creative planning

Virtual Store & Visualisation

Shopper marketing doesn’t like hypotheticals. It demands visible results. We don't want you to take our word for it when we say something will work. Instead, we’d rather show you how and why it does. Our visualisation and virtual modelling services help you get buy-in for your shopper campaigns, both internally and with your retail partners. 

Selling the Vision

Our Virtual Reality Aisle allows you to see concepts physically, in a real-store context, and offers 360 degree, 3D view of how it will look once activated. This lets you see how our solutions work in the shopper journey for yourself.

We offer:

  • Prototype development
  • Interactive store design
  • VR store display

Creative & Messaging

Ultimately, what shoppers see and how they react will determine the outcome of your campaign. With a team of in-house designers, motion graphics artists, artworkers, illustrators and copywriters, we can guarantee that your visions will be turned into creative shopper executions that provoke the response you’re aiming for.

Getting the work done

In addition to producing the actual displays, from aisle fins and wobblers to online store descriptions and branded emails, our shopper specialists and creative team will devise a style guide and messaging hierarchy to make it easy for all your other partners to develop their own work. 

We offer:

  • Digital design
  • In-store displays
  • Artworking
  • Content creation
  • In-store brand videos

Tactical Kits

Having a point of reference, a clear guide, can bring down time and costs involved in campaign work tremendously. This also keeps your brand messaging laser sharp across all platforms. Some of the work we’re most proud of is the development of tactical POS kits. 

How they help you

These are extensive guidelines that establish do’s and don’ts for your brands in all shopper environments, both in terms of messaging and placement. They answer any questions that might arise about producing creative work, and will keep you on track and laser-focused in terms of messaging. More importantly, it will make collaborating with and assigning work to your various partners much more seamless. When there’s no need to re-establish ground rules, everyone can focus on producing great products.

We offer:

  • POS tactical kits
  • Shopper guidelines
  • Workshops with 3rd parties

Consumer Testing

Testing and experimenting are the cornerstones of scientific method, and what the best tech companies got right on the way to becoming huge successes. The purchase environment is no different, and offers plenty of opportunities for data collection. We carry out consumer testing of creative material and use markers such as engagement and interpretation to see how the campaign functions in real-world scenarios. 

Testing the waters

Depending on which channels and media you’re targeting, we start forming a methodology. This works equally well online as it does in a physical setting. The testing might take the form of piloting products, surveys or scenario simulations. We work with experts to make sure we’re getting usable information and reach accurate conclusions.


Activation Management

All your strategic ducks in a row? All your creative planned, produced and polished? It’s time to get your campaign live. We can manage all aspects of activation, including the many little details that make all the difference.  As a result you can be sure that the strategy that you envisioned is carried out according to plan.

What we help you with

If not handled right, this stage of the campaign might seem messy. But with experts who know what they’re doing, there’s nothing to worry about. Through liaison with brand managers and CMMs, we ensure that your retailer requirements are met and store timings kept on schedule. We build relationships and work closely with retailers and retail media agencies (such as Dunnhumby and i2c) and keep connected with media centres to track timings, bookings and creative guidelines. We act as a hub for 3rd party media suppliers like Hogarth, OMD and Maglabs, and can book online and offline media directly with retailers. In general, we cover all things related to costs, timings, budgets, and brand requirements.

We offer:

  • Liasion with brand managers and CMMs
  • Media booking
  • Budget and timing management
  • Working with media centres
  • Relationship management with retailers and media agencies

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