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Multiply Shopper

In-store insights for real retail results



Successful shopper marketing requires a thoroughly thought through process. It takes a team who never stop putting themselves in shoppers’ shoes, whose eyes are always roaming the aisles. Knowing what’s on their minds, when it counts, and how to navigate the world of retail, lets us bring you tangible, quantifiable successes.

Here’s a synopsis of how Multiply Shopper does things:


The shopper journey is already halfway through when it’s time to enter the store. Biases, behaviours, past experiences and category realities have already given shape to it. Which is why our work starts at this early stage. Identifying insights and sifting through everything there is to know about the audience lets us create profiles for those who we know are potential buyers, while carefully distinguishing between consumer and shopper. This makes it easy for us to set up SMART goals (that’s specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely).

It’s during this phase that our in-house audience research tool Multipoint really shines. We give it the people we want to impact, it gives us precise information on where, when and how to accomplish that.


With the framework ready, we’re ready to map our route. This involves breaking down the shopper journey into its constituent parts. With audience and effectiveness data from Multipoint, we can plot a media plan that will create an impact in all the key stages we’ve determined. Naturally, this involves identifying potential barriers along the way, from media to messaging and creative. As well as ensuring the highest performance and avoiding inefficiency, it can even spark a creative solution. Then, perhaps the key element – deciding on the single-minded message, the one that will hit hard at the moment of truth. 

Our very own Multiplan tool then combines all this input into a cohesive (and coherent) master strategy that’s easy to implement. With everything modelled and mapped, we’re ready to bring things to life. 


No strategy can yield results without a solid execution. At this stage, we design all the necessary elements, guaranteeing that they’re eye-catching in the retail context, and that they trigger the right reaction. We account for the technical and the artistic. An enticing display won’t do much good if it can’t be seen, and vice versa. We also know that we’ll be collaborating with your other partners. We create templates and toolkits to make the process seamless, and to add further efficiency to our future work.

It would contradict everything we believe in to blindly go ahead with a solution based only on our opinion of it. Testing and trialling lets us tweak and adapt our work to make sure it’s perfect. Then, and only then, do we activate everything across all the touch points we’ve agreed on.


Simultaneously, we’ll start preparing a forecast for what kind of return you can expect on your investment. It’s not just a great measurement tool, but lets us be transparent to you and keeps ourselves accountable. Most importantly, it lets us shape the campaign further, and give you leverage for negotiations and material for your sales teams.

Finally, we can help you out with reporting from your partner retailers. It’s always good to have a second opinion, and we’re more than happy to make some recommendations as to which reports will serve you best.

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